15 Most creative real estate marketing ideas.

15 Most creative real estate marketing ideas can be challenging, but you’ve come to the right place!

Are you a Real Estate Marketing agent looking for new ways to market yourself and your company?

We have the ultimate guide to Real Estate Marketing Ideas for both offline and online marketing!


4 P’s of marketing in Real Estate?

Top 15 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Top 15 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The most important step in attracting real estate clients is to demonstrate that you are a reliable and successful agent! Make an effort to connect with your audience on a personal level!


15 Smart Real Estate Marketing Strategies

1. Recommendations:

The first of our real estate marketing ideas is to ask previous clients for referrals! Referrals occur when a previous client who was pleased with your services refers you to someone they know who is looking for a real estate agent. Real estate referrals can help you grow as a real estate agent!


2. Public Open Houses:

Open houses are always a great way for a real estate agent to succeed! This is an excellent way to showcase your listings and sell them quickly!


3. Make a website:

Real estate agents must have a well-organized website! If you have a professional website, potential buyers will be more likely to choose you as their agent.


4. Contact Social Media Influencers:

Collaborating with social media influencers would be ideal for expanding the reach of your real estate business! Depending on the social platform you use, numerous influencers would be interested in collaborating with your company.


5. Utilize a chatbot:

Including a chatbot feature on your website will make it simple for potential customers to find answers to any questions!


6. Distribute freebies at open houses:

Everyone enjoys receiving freebies! Try giving away free items with your real estate logo on them to your open-house guests, such as cups, t-shirts, stickers, and so on!


7. Give Away a Free Moving Truck:

Our next real estate marketing idea is to provide a moving truck! Offering a free moving truck is an excellent incentive for those who buy or rent a home from you. This will make the moving process easier for your clients!


8. Send out Birthday Cards:

Sending birthday cards to your clients shows that you care about them! This will assist you in developing a stronger relationship with your clients.


9. Recruit a Photographer:

Hiring a professional photographer to take your photos, if you haven’t already, will significantly improve the quality of your listings! Being a successful realtor necessitates the use of high-quality photographs.


10. Cold Calling:

You could always try cold calling to sell your property management services!


11. Add Color to Your Video Marketing:

Instead of making typical, boring marketing videos, try incorporating more creative elements into your video marketing! Don’t be afraid to express yourself.


12. Create a Local Blog:

You can increase your leads by starting a blog and discussing local news and events in your area!


13. Text Messaging:

Text messaging prospective buyers is an excellent and effective marketing strategy. Make sure you don’t send out so many text messages that people want to unsubscribe!


14. Hold Contests:

Holding a contest is an excellent way to generate interest in your company. Try to keep the contest focused on home buying and real estate!


15. Drone Photography: 

Try out a new photography style with drone photography! This will set you apart from other agents.



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