5 Trends You May Have Missed About WordPress CRM Plugins.

On this page, you’ll find a list of 5 Trends You May Have Missed About WordPress CRM Plugins.

Did you know that customer relationship management (CRM) has an average ROI of $8 for every $1 spent? If you want to make the most of your customer data, you must use CRM software.

You can use a platform like WordPress to manage customer data on your website by installing a WordPress CRM plugin. But which is best for your company?

5 of the best WordPress CRM plugins to try

Are you ready to add a CRM to WordPress? Here are the top 5 plugins you should try:

1.Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM is a CRM WordPress plugin that you can try. This CRM plugin is an excellent choice if you own an e-commerce site, a small business, or an agency.

Homepage for Jetpack CRM plugin for WordPress

This CRM plugin includes features such as:

1. A customer service representative
2. A tool for generating leads
3. Integration of quotes and proposals
4. A billing system built into the platform, among other things

Jetpack CRM will give you everything you need to effectively manage your customer data.


2. Groundhogg

Groundhogg is the next WordPress CRM plugin on this list. This plugin combines CRM features, email, and marketing automation. This plugin is an excellent choice for better managing your customer data.

Orange homepage detailing the features of Groundhogg


Groundhogg comes with a wide range of useful CRM features, including:

1. Contacts are limitless.
2. Data searching and filtering at an advanced level Automatic data collection
3. Segmentation of contacts
4. CRM custom fields are limitless.
5. and much

Groundhogg will provide you with all of the features you require to effectively manage your customer data.


3. FluentCRM

FluentCRM is another popular CRM WordPress plugin. If you want to integrate your email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM, FluentCRM is an excellent choice. It’s an excellent tool for assisting you in developing customer relationships, managing your email list, and creating marketing funnels that increase sales for your company.

Purple banner photo detailing the sales point of FluentCRM

When you use FleuntCRM as your WordPress CRM, you’ll get great features like:

1. Contacts and campaigns are limitless.
2. Automation of customer onboarding
3. Email automation and tracking
4. Importing contacts automatically
5. Segmentation of contact lists
6. and much more

FluentCRM includes all of the features you need to effectively manage your company’s contacts.



WP ERP is the best CRM plugin for WordPress if you own a small business. This plugin combines HR, CRM, and accounting functionality to make it easier to manage all aspects of your business.

Blue cover photo detailing features of WP ERP

WP ERP includes a slew of useful free features, including:

1. Custom contact group creation
2. Logs of activity tracking
3. Filtering contacts based on keywords and attributes
4. Ability to directly schedule meetings and calls and more

WP ERP is an excellent plugin for businesses that want to manage customer data more effectively.


5. UpiCRM

UpiCRM is another excellent CRM plugin for WordPress. This CRM plugin can help you manage your customer data flow and create lead forms to help your business generate more leads.

Orange cover photo detailing Upi's CRM features

UpiCRM comes with several useful features, including:

1. Making contact form databases
2. Automation of email
3. Management of the customer lifecycle
4. Lead management and routing
5. and much more

UpiCRM is a simple CRM for WordPress that can help you manage your customer data more effectively.


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