5 Best SEO Tools that SEO Experts Actually Use in 2022

It might be challenging to master SEO optimization, especially if you’re just getting started. Fortunately, locating the top SEO tools is simple now that we’ve gathered them all in one place. We contacted over 30 SEO experts to find which keyword tracking tools are the best and which SEO software is the most popular. Finding the tool that works best for your business doesn’t require you to try all of these.

Why Utilize SEO Tools

You can avoid time-consuming keyword research and data analysis by using SEO tools. With the help of these tools, you can identify the elements of your approach that are effective and those that could use some improvement. The best SEO tools also offer information on how you compare to rivals and the areas with the most prospects. Additionally, they give you the option to gauge search effectiveness across several locales or languages.

Getting better When managing several websites, SEO tools can be used to quickly evaluate each site’s performance. Many business owners who operate many websites wind up manually evaluating a large amount of data in spreadsheets. However, it quickly gets overwhelming and increases the likelihood that the reports won’t be true. Fortunately, SEO software can save you hours of work and instantly generate precise reports.

Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools


1. Ahrefs


The greatest SEO tool for increasing traffic and ranking better is Ahrefs. You can use this tool to find the most effective search keyword. Users of this application can discover the organic keywords that the intended market uses the most. Conduct a thorough investigation of your competitors and gather the greatest and most interesting information for your readers. With a thorough audit, Ahrefs can assist online marketers and business owners in improving their websites. You can use this tool to find out exactly what a customer searches for online.

2. UberSuggest


A Search Engine Optimization tool called UberSuggest aids in boosting website traffic. Businesses can use this tool to employ reverse engineering tactics to increase online traffic. This SEO tool provides a domain research tool, which is essential to show what is effective for the competition. With the aid of this technology, firms can learn what tactics their competitors do and obtain a competitive edge. The paid difficulty metrics, site audit tools, keyword tracking, idea generators for keywords and content, keyword search volume overview, and backlink analysis are the main aspects of this tool.

3. SEMrush 


An all-purpose marketing tool is SEMrush. The features and functionalities that SEMrush has to offer will be appealing to online marketers and business owners searching for an all-in-one marketing solution. From a single platform, this tool executes all digital marketing campaigns. By utilizing several functions like social media management, organic traffic suggestion, position tracking, semantic core gathering, and technical SEO audit, this application aids in increasing online exposure


4. MOZ


MOZ is a fantastic SEO tool for examining the backlink profiles of rival websites. It is currently one of the most effective SEO tools. One of the first independent SEO marketing tools to emerge in the 2000s is MOZ. It provides a range of capabilities to satisfy the SEO marketing requirements of any type of company. Other excellent features of MOZ’s commercial version include keyword rankings, keyword exploration, content optimization, technical SEO website audits, and competition backlink analysis.

 5. Majestic: Marketing SEO Tools


According to experts, Majestic is one of the greatest marketing SEO tools. Numerous helpful features are included in it, such as The Majestic Million, which displays the rankings of the top one million websites. Has your website been successful? You may quickly get a broad overview of your site and the number of backlinks it has thanks to the Site Explorer tool. In addition to offering capabilities for site comparisons and ranking tracking, it also functions as an SEO keyword tool to help you identify the ideal keywords to target.


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